What Is Your Business Superpower?

Everyone has something they are amazingly good at. But if you are the world’s best at something considered a hobby, take a step back and think through this question again.

In the business world, what is your superpower?

I have worked in several fields during my life. My day-to-day subsistence comes from spending time managing computers at the moment.

But what do you do best?

Where is your value? Where do your skills and passion intersect?

For me, I’d call my business superpower my thought processes. My superhero name?

“The One-Man Think Tank”

My mind spins and generates scenarios on a regular basis. Sometimes, it is the most random information firing through my brain. But when asked to narrow my focus to something in particular, I have regularly produced angles to a scenario that are unique, yet valid. I do also enjoy collaboration in this process, because one person cannot see everything.

Again, I ask: “What is your business superpower?”

Then next, I ask you: “How can you monetize it?”

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