About Tim

Proud Sun Devil alum! Enjoyed my education at Arizona State.

I’ve always been able to figure out odd and obscure problems. So of course, when I first got my hands on any technology, I was hooked. My earliest memories of tinkering with electronics include playing with old projectors that the church janitor would give to me. I even nearly electrocuted myself at one point.

My family got our first computer when I was in 6th grade. All the teachers that year insisted that students bring a book to read whenever they’d finish work in class. I took the DOS 3.5 manual that came with our computer. I learned lots of things from reading that manual. More than all of those lessons, I learned that I could have saved my dad $90. Twice he took the computer in to fix something that I supposedly broke. Both times it was just one line of code in a simple 4-line batch file. I fixed it every time afterwards.

I spent high school being a good band student/nerd. I’ve played everything in the brass family from trumpet all the way down to tuba. I’ve also played various levels of percussion. I’ve been an all-region tenor and was a member of a choir that helped earn all-state honors for the program. I now direct my musical attempts at learning how to play the bass guitar.

My career is what you would call a living organism. I’ve worked as a producer at several local TV stations, as well as in news production and master control. I’ve taught high school credit business courses to junior high students. I’ve attempted to start my own business. I finally ended up working in technology. Through all of this, I’ve continued to work out my design, organizational, and management skills.

I volunteer my time, participating as a board member for the Lubbock Men’s Choir. I also sing with the choir, play with the Lubbock Community Band, sing at my church, and occasionally teach children’s classes at my church.

I am a neurodiverse adult. As such, that has enhanced my love for and ability to work on detailed planning and analyzing. I always look forward to opportunities to use those skills. In my spare time, besides spending time with family, I like to collaborate with other neurodiverse adults on ways to help educate others about the benefits we can bring. With these efforts, I hope to help reduce the stigma that can follow us.