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– Master of Science, Information Systems, graduated May 2014, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, GPA 3.57
– Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Training,  completed spring 2010, West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX
– Bachelor of Science, Organizational Management,  graduated December 2008, Lubbock Christian University, Lubbock, TX, GPA 3.1

My education has been a little across the board, but has served its purpose. Because I’ve never been a good student, I consider my education accomplishments to be a great step. I finished high school early. Life got in the way of my going to college, but eventually powered back to finish it.


-3 years PCI audit and certification
-10 years in information security for small business and telecommunications providers
-5 years in management
-13 years in Project Coordination & Management
-4 year in business analysis
-8.5 years in Rural Telecommunications
-12 years in IT & Managed Services
-2 years teaching 8th graders
-7.5 years in television news and production

What have I learned over the course of my life so far? Analysis is my super power! From day 1, my answers have not always been everyone else’s answers. Some places have ignored my contribution. Others have embraced my contribution. So when trying to decide where I’m going to spend my time during the day, I will most definitely be looking for somewhere that wishes to embrace my contribution.

From within the technology realm, I have spent years focusing on security for organizations who were too small to pay a dedicated CISO. I’ve identified and filled many the proverbial hole in networks across the country, covering both information and operation security.

A majority of my years in television were spent producing daily newscasts. I learned not only project management, but management of people during this time. For my first two and a half years, I spent my working hours overnight in a newsroom. The buck stopped with me. It was up to me to disseminate the needed information for everyone else to do their job. However, I was thankful to have people around me that had been working in these positions for a long time. I leaned on them many times until I learned certain direction needed to do the job well.

My time teaching really taught me that some aspects of a job balance out the others. I was able to take a number of days off at different times of the year to recharge. So despite certain misgivings I may have had about the job, I was able to find ways to stay refreshed.

I’ve worked doing techie related things since I was a kid. I’ve always helped someone with a computer problem. I’ve done graphic design and web design as hobbies since I was 19. It wasn’t until 2006, a couple of months after I left television, that I received my first professional job in the field. I’ve always had a blast working IT. It’s the type of work that engages my brain at all levels. My biggest enjoyment currently is the big projects, fixing odd problems, and working with databases.

In 2011, I was offered the chance to officially be in charge of my own department. I had near autonomy with my direction and the direction of my department, barring any objections from the one person above me in the hierarchy of things. I also learned about working cross-departmentally & building and maintaining reputations both inside the office and out. I also got the project management crash course by having to actually do it. It was a humbling experience, but one I can say that’s been fun and am proud of the work accomplished to this point.

Overall, life has been a highly enriching experience.