The Windows 10 Countdown

This is a happy time of year. Some may even call it Christmas in July. A new and re-vamped Windows will be released in two weeks. There are four groups of people looking towards this day.

1) The Happily Oblivious
These are the people who may not even have any idea that there is an impending release of a new operating system. ¬†They were happy with Windows XP. They bought Windows 8 only because their Windows XP hardware crashed on them. They will likely be confused by the Windows 10 upgrade and be calling their children or grand children to explain it to them. ¬†(These days, however, it’s not a given those grand kids know what is going on with Windows anymore.) These people are the ones who will tax the resources of people who are available to help via phone.

2) The Feet Draggers
These are the people that are aware of the impending upgrade and will drag their feet kicking and screaming before they willingly actually upgrade. They have everything exactly as they want it and do not want to change for anything. You will find a number of these people sitting on Windows 7 right now because the Windows 8 start menu was “different.” I hope those people got the message that too many complained to Microsoft about that and Microsoft sorta brought back the old start menu.

3) The Optimistically Paranoid
These are the people that, before Windows Vista ever hit the market, did something drastic like change the entire organization to Apple. These people don’t do testing. They give in to the rumors. They may research, but they research in to the answer they want, not the answer that exists. Or these might be the people that want to upgrade to the newest version of Windows, but they staid on XP until Windows 7 came out, and they’re not sure if they should upgrade to 10 because Microsoft decided to skip over 9 in the version numbering. These are people that are bit once and retreat. You will find these people both in the end-user group and the professional group.

4) The Strap ‘Em Up And Hold On For The Ride Types.
The new operating system is a new toy for these people. Some of them have already been taking part in the public beta testing that has been going on for the past several months. Others haven’t had that luxury, but download the GA release immediately upon availability. I fall in here. I upgrade my iPhone and iPad the day of each new release, and will be doing the same with my Windows devices. I’ve even torn down and reloaded a Linux Mint machine just because I wanted the latest release that happens every six months.

There is also a 5th set: The people who refuse to give up their trusty, reliable computer with a 10 GB hard drive and 100 MB of RAM. They’ll never know about this upgrade.

The reality is that there is no reason for anyone not to go ahead and do the upgrade, with exception of a handful of corporate environments. Considering small business makes up more than 90% of all businesses in the country, that’s a whole lot of people that should just go ahead and roll on with innovation. Because those who don’t are doomed to be left behind.

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