I think this world has lost a special ability to provide insight. It is what it is. It is apparently a way of life now. And most have learned and adapted to this fact, adopting the practice themselves eventually. I, on the other hand, have not adapted. I just tolerate.

Without insight, we don’t have the information needed to understand the reasoning behind something. Since most people are the understanding and reasonable type, explaining a statement or a decision should have no fallout, right?

In an increasingly litigious society, that is not the case. Many people are afraid of lawsuits if they set someone off with their comments. Businesses are even more afraid of lawsuits, because the loss of a lawsuit provides contrary action to the reason for the business’ existence…to make money.

The one place I believe this still reasonably bothers people is in job interviews. If all goes well on a job interview, you get the job. There is no question. But what if there is an off moment in the conversation?

I’ve been on some job interviews in my life that I thought went well, only to get turned down. Normal social constructs say you’re not supposed to ask for further feedback. Just say “Thank You” and move on.

I’ve also been on job interviews where I’ve had more of an “in” than normal. In those cases, I’ve taken the time to revisit the conversation if I didn’t understand something said or a reaction had. After, I have been at peace.

Be willing to ask follow up questions. They will set your mind at ease. They will also help you learn.

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