Lemonade Day

I wish I knew about Lemonade Day eight years ago.

I’m glad it is teaching kids the procedure to and power of running a business. Object lessons are so powerful for children. So why do we teach them abstract ideas and concepts when they get older? Because we’re too buried in what we are doing to see the simple answer!

I taught a business class at the eighth grade level for two years. It was a high school credit course, and honestly should have been taught to high school students. The challenge was to bring those abstract lessons down to a level where as many of the eight graders as possible could retain. I had “Build A Business” projects both years. However, after a local Lemonade Day, I got to thinking how easy that would have been to execute the same idea as part of my class. It also probably had a better chance at success for more of the kids.

It is said the only original part of teaching is the person doing the teaching. The tools, methods, and information are all similar or the same.

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